What We Believe

When you select an advisory firm, you’ll want to know who you’re working with: what they believe, how they work, and what you can expect from them.

We at Pinnacle Advisor Group start by taking the time to genuinely understand your financial situation, your goals, and your dreams so we can provide you with our comprehensive wealth management services – to retirement and through retirement.

The best way to understand who we are is to tell you what we believe:

When Pinnacle was founded in 2006, it selected the lighthouse as the symbol that best reflected its purpose and concept of service. For thousands of years, the lighthouse has been a symbol of hope for those who seek the comfort of safe shores. That’s what we at Pinnacle Advisor Group would like to be for you.

Who's On Your Team?

What sets Tom Roberts apart as an advisor? Beyond his drive to guide others as they work towards financial success, Tom takes great joy in being a mentor and an educator.

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About TJR

As Client Service Director and Certified Financial Planner, Diana wears many hats at Pinnacle Advisor Group. Her daily interactions with clients include transitioning new indivi...

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About Diana

After graduating from Bloomsburg University in 2008, Tom left eastern Pennsylvania for Denver, Colorado where he began his time in the industry with Jackson National. He enjoyed...

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About TWR

Amy is part of Pinnacle’s client services team, bringing her organizational and life skills as detailed support to the client process. Pinnacle coaxed Amy out of retirement to...

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About AMY

Pinnacle's Guiding Symbol

As Tom Roberts considered leaving Salomon Smith Barney and starting an independent financial advisory service in 2006, he carefully considered the purpose behind this significant life shift. What did he want to achieve, and what did he want to represent in the lives of his clients?

The symbol that came to Tom’s mind was the lighthouse.

Here’s how he integrated that beacon’s symbolism of strength and guidance into the company that Pinnacle Advisor Group is today.

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